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Indeed, there is no religious basis for opposition to

“One of my favorite things to do as a passenger is put music on and look out at the world. I think airplanes are one of the few places you can zone out. When you fly as a passenger you definitely have this meditative space. Gezi drew as many women as men, explains Barin Yinan, an editor at the secular Hurriyet newspaper, because it was an “outcry” against the “heavy handed style” of Erdogan, who “thinks he is not only the prime minister of this country, he’s the mayor, he’s the lawyer, the judge, and he is even the gynecologist.” She is furious that Erdogan has come out against abortion, against Caesarian section. Indeed, there is no religious basis for opposition to abortion, as Muslims understand “ensoulment,” and hence full humanness, not to occur until a hundred and twenty days after conception. All of Erdogan’s agitation against immodest contact between young women and men, Barin jibes, is “because he has not flirted; he has married his wife in an arranged marriage.”.

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