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Before you knew it, a switchblade had been pulled on your

zip up sweater

The fourth time you saw Richie Tozier, you almost cried with relief. He had never walked into your life at such a canada goose outlet great time as this one.It just happened to canada goose outlet store quebec be maybe three days after canada goose outlet mississauga your latest incident with Richie, when you were walking home from a late canada goose outlet factory shift at the pizza place. By the time you had locked up, it was around 6:30, and not only was it rapidly getting darker, canada goose jacket outlet sale but curfew was nearing, and you didn know if you were going to make it home in time.It canada goose outlet los angeles was unseasonably chilly outside for August, although it was nearing September, canada goose jacket outlet and you hastily threw on and zipped up your red sweater. You wished you had worn actual pants today, but you had decided on a pair of brown corduroy shorts.As you neared the kissing bridge, you heard whistling seemingly coming from a ghost in the trees. You sped up.sexy! Why don you walk that ass over here, you heard, and upon looking around and realizing you were the only other person out on the street, you realized canada goose outlet belgium the catcall was directed at you. As you turned to where you heard the voice coming from, you saw none other than that mullet wearing idiot, buy canada goose uk Bowers, standing across canada goose outlet uk sale the street with canada goose outlet website legit an evil smirk on his face.After Richie run in with Bowers on the day you met him, he had been sure to point the disgusting canada goose outlet 80 off boy out to you in passing the day after. Ever since, you done your best to avoid him, and you would say you were doing quite well up until canada goose outlet online store review this moment.Bowers, my ass is on canada goose outlet woodbury its way home, you said, shooting him a sickeningly sweet canada goose outlet toronto grin. Bowers didn grin back.don worry, this only take canada goose outlet in canada a minute, he replied, walking over canada goose outlet mall to you from across canada goose outlet london the street. You backed up a bit, but hit the barrier of the Kissing Bridge that canada goose outlet miami separated you canada goose outlet locations in toronto from falling and possibly dying.Bowers advanced on you, a gross smirk on his face.could you maybe back the fuck canada goose outlet online uk off? It almost curfew, I canada goose vest outlet gotta get going, you said, attempting to widely side step Bowers, but canada goose outlet store toronto he walked over quicker, successfully blockading you in one spot by putting his arms on either side of you.don believe canada goose coats uk I seen you around before, sweetheart, he said, face just inches from yours. You looked away, scrunching your nose.your breath fucking reeks. Ever heard of a toothbrush? you asked, and you could practically canada goose outlet toronto address see the steam coming out of Henry ears.the fuck up, you slut! There no canada goose outlet toronto location one around to help you, so stop canada goose outlet las vegas making this longer, he hissed, moving one hand from the bridge into a vice grip on your hip.dickwad! Why don you pick on someone your own size? you heard a voice call, and one peek around Bowers head let you know it was Richie Tozier. Stupid, reckless, brave, heroic Richie Tozier.so fast,Trashmouth! I be after you next, Bowers said, letting out a sinister, dry chuckle.Apparently, Richie is one of the dumbest people to grace this planet, because his next move was not to walk away, but to run up and punch Bowers in the head. Bower groaned, his grip on your hip tightening. After recovering from the blow, he whipped canada goose outlet store near me around to face Richie, pulling you tightly to his canada goose outlet parka front. Before you knew it, a switchblade had been pulled on your throat.you said official canada goose outlet casually, I feeling threatened. Richie gave you a look as if to say really? one asked you to speak, whore, Bowers said, pushing the blade into your throat just enough to draw blood. You hissed in pain, recoiling from canada goose factory outlet vancouver it.that not how you treat a fucking lady! Get your hands off her, asshole, Richie yelled, picking up a nearby rock and throwing it at him. Bowers canada goose outlet store new york had been about to say something, canada goose parka outlet and the rock hit him right in the mouth. His grip on you loosened for a fleeting moment, and you took the chance, and ran over to Richie. Blood was gushing out of Bowers mouth, and when he looked up, you saw that the rock had knocked one of his front teeth right out.Richie shouted urgently, taking your hand and pulling you along. He pulled you off main street, and onto the smaller residential ones, until even you had no idea where you were. A couple minutes later, though, you halted to a full stop, panting, in front of your house.Straightening up after your breathing canada goose outlet near me returned to normal, you looked at Richie, grinning. He was still breathing pretty hard; it was almost as if he didn bike everywhere.Prince Charming, you said, poking your tongue out at him playfully.please, Prince Charming? I rather be, like, canada goose parka uk Captain America or something, Richie said, waving you off.okay. Thank you, Captain America, you said, rolling your eyes, albeit smiling.milady, Richie canada goose outlet sale said, saluting canadagooseoutletjackets proudly. He turned around to leave, tossing you a quick wave.Rich! You called, and canada goose outlet new york he stopped, turning towards you. You trotted the small distance canada goose outlet kokemuksia between the two of you, and leaned up, pressing canada goose jacket uk a firm kiss to Richie cheek.token of my canada goose outlet in chicago appreciation, you said, grinning slyly, Tozier! With that, you went inside, leaving a dumbfounded canada goose factory outlet toronto location Richie on the street in front of your house.

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