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5 points with the 76ers over parts of three seasons

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canada goose outlet nyc Did you know there was a country called Liberia? Maybe you did. But maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were one of those who upon hearing the name think of “Siberia”? Well, if you didn’t know of Liberia before the Ebola outbreak, I’m sure you do now. Saric and Covington were key players for Philadelphia, combining to make 398 starters including playoffs for the 76ers during their time with the club. Saric averaged 13.5 points with the 76ers over parts of three seasons, while Covington averaged 12.9 points during his five seasons with canada goose premium outlet Philly. They were the starting forwards for the 76ers in nearly every game last season, canada goose outlet niagara falls when Philadelphia had its best record since 2000 01 the last time that the franchise went to the NBA Finals.. canada goose outlet nyc

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